ICA Online

  • Company:


  • Date:

    2014 – 2015

  • Role:

    Graphic Designer

In 2014 and 2015 I was working for ICA. A Swedish supermarket and general retailer. During my short-term assignment, I was assigned to redefine ICA Online’s brand identity. Simultaneously, I was involved in initiatives to create an even better online shopping experience.

Rebranding ICA Online

Before I started to work at ICA, I had been informed that I would work on the new brand identity for ICA Online. I would be part of a team of art directors, copywriters, and project managers. The first thing we did when I started was to have discussions and brainstorming sessions. We did this to figure out what type of directions we wanted to take. The keywords we choose to symbolize the new platform were comfortable, clean, and effortless. We used these guiding keywords as we continued with the work on improving the ideas.

One idea that we felt could work really well was one about the home environment. This idea highlighted how easy and comfortable it would be for people to order food and other items from their homes. So we decided we would continue generating new ideas from this one. Eventually, we agreed that we also wanted to showcase the multitude of available ICA products. As a result, we decided to build the visual around furniture. More precisely, box shelves.

I designed the box shelves using a 3d program. I made several box variations that could be used in different formats for print and digital marketing. The final step was to populate the boxes with items. For this, we used a photo editing program. Additionally, we started to test different types of copy and produce some test prints.

The project lasted for several weeks, but we managed to meet the deadlines. We were told that our team performed great and that the new brand identity was a success.

Content catalog

Another project I was involved in while working for ICA was the Content catalog. One part of the e-commerce strategy was that ICA store owners should be able to control marketing campaigns on ICA Online. For that reason, we decided we would create pre-made campaigns. By doing this, store owners could decide for themselves if and when they wanted to advertise specific products.

I helped to design the pre-made campaigns. I also took part in making the Content catalog. The document also included information and guidelines on how to set up the campaigns on ICA Online.