Viaplay Rebranding

  • Company:

    Nordic Entertainment Group

  • Date:


  • Role:

    Graphic Designer

Viaplay is one of the most popular streaming services in Sweden. In 2014 Viaplay decided it was time to rebrand themselves. As a freelance designer, I worked with Viaplay during this important period.

Working with a new brand

I received an offer to work with Viaplay at the end of 2014. Their in-house creative team needed help from extra designers to work with and launch the new Viaplay brand. One of the first things I got to do was to test the new font and colors. Besides this, I got to work and define the new digital banners. As I and the others in the team tried out with the new brand we discovered that we could improve several things. Some of these were minor tweaks, while others had a bigger impact. For example, we adjusted the kerning on the Viaplay logo.

I also worked with some concepts for the Viaplay mobile app. These were the first ideations of the future Viaplay app. I was based on the existing app’s structure, functionality and features.