• Client


  • Date

    2006 – 2019

  • Role:

    Motion designer (primarily)

This showreel shows the best design and animation projects that I have worked on. It features examples from 2006 to 2019 and includes commercials, music videos, promotional videos, and other types of motion graphics.

00:00 – Intro

When creating the showreel, I decided to go for a stylistic but not overly complex intro sequence. I wanted to show my diverse set of skills with light beams. These would animate along with the music and come together to form my signum — the prism. Which then would flash out and reveal the title.

00:10 – Rainbows in Death Kingdom / Hyper Island

This animation is an intro to the short clip “Rainbows in Death Kingdom” that was made during my time at the school Hyper Island. It was one of the assignments in the introductory course to motion graphics and supervised by the agency B-Reel. I made it together with four others and was somewhat of the art director of the group. Among my contributions were the storyboards, backgrounds, characters, and keyframes.

00:13 – FOMO / Hackett Films

During 2012 – 2013 I was in Australia and worked as a freelancer. One of the projects I was involved in was a commercial for Kotex panty liners. Responsible for the production was the design studio Hackett Films. I helped out as a prop creator and constructed several objects. Additionally, I did paint jobs and animations.

00:15 – 10th Astra Awards / Sweetbox

My first job in Australia was a 3-month internship for the production company Sweetbox. One of the projects that I was involved in was the ASTRA awards, Australias award show for its subscription television industry. I created particle animations that were used in the show’s promo and intro. As well as in looping visuals for the gala. Read more about the project on the Hyper Island projects + Australia page.

00:18 – Triss nyår 2013 / Svenska Spel

When I worked for Svenska Spel between 2013 and 2014, I created several animations for store screens. I often used assets from the print campaigns and made them come alive through various motion graphic techniques. One was for the Triss scratch lottery. More precisely the animation for the New Year’s Eve campaign in 2013.

00:20 – mAD Society / Hyper Island

Another project from my time at Hyper Island. Together with three others, I was assigned to create a short loopable animation for the production company OneSize. We decided to go for low-poly 3d visuals with heavy use of chromatic aberration. I led the group and was responsible for rendering, particle effects, and editing. Read more about the project on the Hyper Island projects + Australia page.

00:24 – Rolex Daytona / Personal project

A personal project from 2010. I wanted to recreate a Rolex Daytona watch in 3d. As well as make it look photorealistic. When I started this project I had not worked that much with product modeling. So this proved to be a good challenge.

00:28 – New Ericsson Brand (UI) / Ericsson

This clip shows a part of a promo video for the new Ericsson brand from 2018. I did not animate it but I designed the assets, which belong to the Ericsson Design System.

00:30 – New Ericsson Brand (icons) / Ericsson

Another clip from the Ericsson brand video from 2018 which showcase the Ericsson Icons.

00:33 – Ericsson Design System / Ericsson

This animation is a small part of the Ericsson Design System video that I made together with House of Radon. The video was used to promote the design system internally and externally. Apart from directing the production team, I created various assets, such as the mobile interface with stylistic EDS components. For more info go to the Ericsson Design System page.

00:37 – Take Me Out / Motion Tour

When I was in Australia 2012 – 2013 I worked as a freelancer for different companies and individual clients. Together with some friends from Hyper Island, I formed the Motion Tour group. One of our projects was a music video that was inspired by the art of Roy Lichtenstein. I led the project and made all the illustrations. Read more about it on the Hyper Island projects + Australia page.

00:42 – Bajen i luren / Tele2

During my time at Tele2 between 2016 and 2017, I worked on a campaign that allowed football and ice hockey supporters in Stockholm to swap out the Tele2 name on their phones and replace it with their team of choice. I animated and edit several promotional videos for the campaign. This clip is showing the Bajen i Luren videos. Read more about the project on the Supporterabonnemanget page.

00:46 – Comviq Q3 2016 storefront / Tele2

When I was working for Tele2 I often created animations for the Comviq brand. Especially for store displays. One of the challenges was to get the iconic magenta paint effect to look natural. This is one example of such an animation. Read more about the animations on the Comviq Campaigns page.

00:50 – Tele2 Q2 2017 storefront / Tele2

In 2017, Tele2 did a rebranding. The new brand identity was referred to as the “School of Power”. As a consequence of this, I got assigned to create new animations for store displays. This is one example of how it looked.

00:51 – Pokermästarna 2014 / Svenska Spel

During the summer of 2014, I was involved in a poker campaign at Svenska Spel called “Pokermästarna”. For the campaign, several Swedish poker celebrities attended a poker tournament in Las Vegas. This was filmed and made into an online video series. Together with the production company Lakehouse Studios I worked on the intro sequence and the logo.

00:56 – MTV Iggy (Ba) / Hyper Island

One of the projects at Hyper Island was to create an animation for MTV that would promote their new platform: MTV Iggy. Another student and I decided that we wanted a pay homage to the classic MTV animations from the ’90s and early 2000s. As a result, we chose cartoony characters and a colorful palette. I did all the illustrations and most of the animations. For instance, the logo reveal. Read more about the project on the Hyper Island projects + Australia page.

01:02 – GE mining solutions / Tex Whitney Productions

This 3d animation was done for General Electric when I was working for the production company Tex Whitney Productions in Sydney. I was responsible for 3d modeling, texturing, and more. Read more about the project on the Hyper Island projects + Australia page.

01:12 – 5G Switch / Ericsson

At the beginning of 2019, I was contacted by one of the marketing teams at Ericsson. They wanted help with the 5G Switch campaign. In the campaign video, there was a sequence with a smartphone. I got the task to design a mockup interface for the phone, together with a notification. A screenshot of the sequence was later widely disturbed throughout Ericsson and used in presentation material.

01:16 – Oddset Bomben 2014 / Svenska Spel

Another animation from my time at Svenska Spel. This one shows the Oddset campaign for the world championship in football 2014. I had to recreate the assets from the print campaign so they would fit the digital medium. I also added some unique animations.

01:20 – Bloodstone (game demo) / Högskolan på Gotland

This clip shows gameplay from a demo that I worked on when I was studying game design at the University of Gotland in 2006. I made all the graphics in the game and worked with two developer students. Read more about it on the Games page.

01:22 – Michael Wolff / Motion Tour

Another project by Motion Tour. In late 2012, we produced a promotional video for the fashionable Michael Wolff Saloon in Sydney. I acted as the project manager and coordinated the work between the filming crew, stylists, and photographers.

01:24 – Outro

For the outro, I used the same transition and style as in the intro.